Senor Hoss & Senor Hsss


1.Senor Hoss and Senor Hsss while away the workday drinking in the Dogbad Saloon.
Senor Hoss has imbibed to the point where he feels comfortable enough to pose a
question that has been bothering his fine equine mind:
“Senor Hsss, ken I ask you a personal question?”
Senor Hsss: “Shoot.”

2.Senor Hoss take this literally and, out of thin air, produces his faithful blunderbus
(named WOOLY BULLY). In a nano-instant he has squeezed Wooly Bully’s trigger and Wooly
Bully exclaims:”BLAM!”

3.The concussion sent Senor Hsss’ sombrero spinning as he ducked to avoid the shot.
Sr Hsss glares at Senor Hoss:”I speckted you’d do that.”
Sr Hoss laughs: “I speckted you would!”

4.Sr Hsss recovers his composure and re-arranges his sombrero.
Sr Hsss: “Go ahead- ask your question.”

5.Senor Hoss puts it blunt: “What’s up with that new cult you joined?”

6.Senor Hsss blows it top at this: “CULT?” “Do you refer to the SOCRATIC CIRCLE of the

7.Senor Hsss is so digusted with Senor Hoss’ characterization of his club as a “cult”,
his first instinct is to display an air of pretentious arrogance, and faux-sympathetic
patrionization: “Pas du tout! I am sorry for you my friend. Really, I am. I see now that
your peculiarly personal species of gross philistine ignorance stems from depths even
darker than I had imagined.”

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