Help From a Strange Buzzard


1.Out of nowhere an impertinent buzzard lands on the weathered road sign.
“Tenacious tortoise, huh?”, squawked the buzzard. “Is he ticklish?”

2.The buzzard pulls a feather from his tail. “What say we find out? Señor Hoss is too taxed to reply.

3.The buzzard proffers the feather and continues: “Try THIS on him.” Señor Hoss drops Hsssy and reaches to accept the gift.

4.Hoss applies the device to the throat of the tortoise. He responds directly.

5.Hossy keeps tickling. The tortoise is laughing out loud now.

6.Señor Hoss presses the attack. The Tortoise is losing control.

7. SNAP! The tortoise lets go Sr Hsss and they tumble apart.

8. Señor Hoss, Señor Hsss, the tortoise and the vulture stare stunned at one another. The happy mood is somewhat spoiled. No one feels tickled now.

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