Dogbad 32 – Into The Mountains

Dogbad 32 – Into The Mountains

1.The sum has setted and it is now night time. Señor Hsss and Señor Hoss climb higher and higher into the hills to the remote mountains outside the town of Dogbad.

2.On a high mountain pass they find an ancient road sign. Beside the trail they spy an lonely sentinel:
the shell of a desert tortoise apparently abandoned by its occupant. “What’s this?” asks Señor Hoss.

3.Señor Hsss decides to have a closer look: “Anybody HOME?”

4.After removing his sombrero (not shown), Señor Hsss impertinently sticks his head inside and continues to ask, “HELLO- Anybody HOME?”

5.The answer is “SNAP!” The carapace-house-holder is mightily displeased with the intrusion and bites
the unwelcomed intrusion on the nose. Señor Hoss looks on in horror.

6.Señor Hsss screams with pain. Señor Hoss looks on with alarm.

7. Señor Hoss tries to rescue Señor Hsss by pulling him free. The tortoise is having none of it and his vice-like jaws will not slacken. A tug-of-war ensues between Señor Hoss and the tortoise, with Señor Hsss suffering the worst of it.

8. Señor Hoss does not notice a strange vulture descending from the fourth heaven, lighting upon the sign post.

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