DOGBAD 31 Hoss Gets Bipedal

DOGBAD 31 “Hoss Gets Bipedal”

1.Señor Hsss and Señor Hoss have hit the road- observe how the road will hit them back. They are going to hike up the mountain to see the sunset, but the sun has the jump on them- it set before they got very far past the town limit. Hoss is eager to shed his role as a socially-acceptable quadruped, and announces his intention as soon as the pair are out of earshot of any Dogbad Town dogs.
“I suppose we’re out of town far enough.”

2.Hoss stretches his back and stands up on his hind laegs without missing a beat: “UuhhooOoEeee! Uzzat feel GOOD!”

3.Señor Hsss and Señor Hoss walk on. Señor Hoss: “I am SO tired of walking on all fours.”

4.Hoss unloads his frustrations: “All my friends know I’m bipedal…those town dogs don’t get it.”

5.Hoss: “Just TRY to stand up and walk on your own two feet- just TRY.”

6.Señor Hoss continues: “Them town-dogs look at you like you’re some kind of…”


8. Señor Hsss has a surprise in store for his pal: “Wall then, give the anarchist a SEGAR!”

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