NEWS About Dogbad

Well, it’s been a while since I updated this space. I’ve got several new stories with completed episodes in the can, but unfortunately most of my time has been eaten up with moving from Arizona and Florida to Oregon; several trips have been completed, but the job is still underway. I have also been busy working with Bob Boze Bell on his new book “The 66 Kid”, out in August, and I have begun a new monthly color comic called “The Cowboy Jenius” appearing in every issue of Western Shooting Horse magazine, that and the regular flow of freelance work has kept new episodes of DOGBAD behind the curtain, temporarily, but not for much longer- stay tuned, friends.

DATELINE- DOGBAD 28 October 2013
Two new critters have invaded DOGBAD! Havilland “Buzzy” McSkeeder and his well-dressed cousin Dapper. We have been making personal appearances around Cottage Grove to introduce newbies to DOGBAD. Latest appearance was at the DeLight shop on main street on Friday October 25th. Lots of fun people came by and picked up DOGBAD goodies. Thanks for coming out everyone!

DATELINE- DOGBAD 16 April 2013
BITCOINS ARE HERE! As many as you want to donate- the button is on the right sidebar. Try her out & see how she works. We also take dollars via PayPal and all the major credit cards. Donate to the Dogbad Widows & Orphans Relief Society to receive sexy picture premiums!

DATELINE- DOGBAD 15 April 2013
You can now follow DOGBAD on TWITTER (the button is on the right sidebar), and we now have THREE shopping carts on FACEBOOK: DOGBAD, THE SNAKE SHAMAN., and DOGBAD ARMAGEDDON. Remember that when you get your tax refunds, my friends.

DATELINE- DOGBAD 14 April 2013
WE’VE MOVED! It has been a huge effort, but after many months of preparation, we finally did it. We have been here in Cottage Grove Oregon for one month and twenty-five days and we are happy as clams, just still overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand getting into the new swing of things. I have a show at the Museum of Un-Fine Art in Eugene, to run as soon as I get all the paintings ready (an expensive and time-consuming operation) and I am scrambling to get everything finished and framed, while working on jobs for Bob Boze Bell & True West Magazine, getting DOGBAD.NET upgraded with new features, planting our garden, buying furniture, and on and on. Stay tuned and I will keep you all informed.

DATELINE- DOGBAD 3 December 2012
A big sincere THANK YOU to all of you who attended the DOGBAD ARMAGEDDON show at the Icehouse on November 6th! Seventeen large paintings and prints were offered as well as new books, holiday cards and lots of new merchandise. The show’s centerpiece was the Official Release party for Robert Steinhilber’s new full-colour graphic novel THE SNAKE SHAMAN.
More soon, including exclusive pics by our favourite Artiste-Photogapher Bob Judd!
Thanks for visiting!
-Robert Steinhilber

Friday 02 Nov. 2012: Today we are expecting delivery of the first DOGBAD Graphic Novel. It’s been more than three and a half years in production, so it’s a pretty big project for us. The book is called The Snake Shaman. It’s a 52 pages in full color, and the author, Robert Steinhilber will have a book signing at the third annual DOGBAD SHOW at the Icehouse on Friday, November 16th 2012.
This year’s show is entitles Dogbad Armageddon, in honour of the much-anticipated end-of-the-world in December of this year. We’ll see what happens.

DATELINE- DOGBAD 03 August 2012
We’ve just returned from our summer “working vacation” and we hope you like DOGBAD 26, concluding the first SNAKE SHAMAN story cycle… We will follow next week with THE ORIGINS OF THE SNAKE SHAMAN, or at least as much as we’ve been able to find out about this mysterious figure. Speaking of which, this fall will see publication of THE SNAKE SHAMAN, a 208 page full-color graphic novel, which is also being translated into Spanish as of this writing. Plans are for a limited first edition to be signed and numbered by the artist, and the book will be available at the new DOGBAD STORE, which is accessible by clicking the word PRODUCTS on the top menu bar. I hope you find it easy to use and I also hope you will buy lots of stuff. Currently we have on offer the new line of DOGBAD GREETING CARDS.
Thanks for visiting!
-Robert Steinhilber