27 – Meet Buzzy and Dapper

Meet Buzzy and Dapper

Dogbad 27 – Meet Buzzy and Dapper

1. Meet Buzzy and Dapper: Havilland ‘Buzzy’ McSkeeder, one rather slovenly but none the less charming little pest, and his impeccably accoutred elder third cousin George Bryan Anopheles, known to his friends and class mates as ‘Dapper’. On the bench below, in front of the Dogbad Saloon, Kit McKlaw and his sidekick Suicide practice their speciality: outdoor afternoon napping. Dapper rubs his hands together with glee as he surveys the bodies of the two somnambulant felines. He calls to his companion: “Hey BUZZY- feel like LUNCHIN’?” Buzzy agrees heartily: “‘Deed I do, indeed I do!”

2. Buzzy whips out a rope with a hangman’s noose. “Which one shall we do first?”, he asks.

3. Dapper replies to his earless cousin: “LUNCHING, I said- LUNCHing, not LYNCHing!”

4. “Sorry, Guv’nor” apologizes Buzzy. “It’s this dreadful BUZZING noise. It never lets up.”

5. Dapper and Buzzy descend on their victims to feast on their liquid corpuscles.

6. Buzzy nearly faints from overeating. “I say!”, exclaims Dapper.

7. Buzzy looks sheepishly at his cousin. “You know, I don’t much like this job.”, he offers. “Don’t like it?”, asks Dapper.

8. “I just don’t feel right sucking peoples’ blood.””Ye Gods!” cries Dapper, “What next?”

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